Magnus Sederholm Håkan Olsson

“…a hit parade like no other…not similar to anything I have heard for a long time…”Gitarr och Luta 2/2018
…let us meet the wave of guitar Music that made its’ way in the beginning of the 20th century…” 4 stars in major swedish newspaper April 2013
“…a record that should attract and entertain a far wider public than only listeners of classical music…”Lasse Wellander, famous swedish guitarist


Working on a new singel

We are currently recording further 19th century music written for guitar.


Embellish the feast

The duo has a repertoire that can embellish weddings and other feasts with emotional music.

gift par - bröllop - gitarrduo

Music in the church

We play music that fills the church with the beautiful sound of two guitars. After a church event, as a stand-alone concert or other events in the church.

kyrka - gitarrduo

Talks with tones

Invite us to share with you this fascinating instrument and to illustrate centuries of music. This with music from the renaissance to our time.

föreläsning med musik - gitarrduo


We perform in concert halls, at conferences, in public institutions and residents for elderly. We also arrange concerts together with other musicans.

konsert - gitarrduo